Customs Documentation

Custom clearance, etc.
Application of Certificate of Origin
Endorsement of docs required by embassy
Endorsement by notary public
Application for sgs surveyor
Arrangement for fumigation, packaging, under name.

Door to Door

Timely delivery up to door has been an important factor in today’s business. With close monitoring & co-ordination with overseas and domestic partners, we have been handling sensitive at cargo power plant, chemical, garments & spare parts, etc..


Consolidation has contributed to the growth of the company with regular service extending to various ports.REALIABLE AND ACCURATE transit carriers is our first choice to optimize efficiency. Our appointed co-workers who share a mutual understanding in providing high service level, the stuffing and devanning is operated in the warehouse within the ‘free-trade zone’..


Committed to providing to our business partners with responsive and timely delivery of the import shipments..

Marine Insurance

In providing a one-stop documentation, competitive premiums for cargo insurance are also part of our integrated business.


Providing own Jakarta — Singapore – Jakarta service weekly with the most competitive rates and space guarantee for NVOCC SOC/CO traffics..

Tran Shipment Hub

With efforts and developments by the international Port like Singapore, Portland, Hong Kong, etc., it has become a strategic location for transshipment with 400 shipping lines connecting to 600 ports worldwide.Our business partners entrusted us with our know-how in handling both FCL and LCL transshipment cargo that are connected within 72 hrs. with first-hand information to the connecting shipping details. Delivery dateline is met with on-time connection, which has further value-added to the positioning of their overseas partners..

Warehousing Inland & Sea Transportation

Wide fleet of transport and cranes equipment’s are available for the needs in handling a variety range of different characterized handling cargoes regardless of their weight and odd sizes.Complimented with warehouse facility located within and outside the free-trade-zone’; long and short term storage, repacking, reworking and distribution services are also available for the individual needs..

Heavy Lift Transportation Rigging Setting

Providing heavy lifting handling service for any overweight extra size project shipment..